"I Promise, to be a Champion in your absence..."

An important component of being a Delta Gamma is sisterhood. Sisterhood means being there for each other ... in good times and in bad, being able to be yourself, knowing there are people who care for you, having people around to study with, laugh with and go out with. A sister is there to catch you when you fall.

It's impossible to be best friends with all of your sisters, but in Delta Gamma, our sisterhood emphasizes appreciation, respect and camaraderie. And often your sisters are your best friends.

To cultivate a strong sense of sisterhood we hold sisterhood events like movie nights, game nights, get togethers, outings and retreats. Through our many programs and rituals, the bond of sisterhood continues to grow.

Membership in Delta Gamma lasts a lifetime. We'll be DGs and sisters forever. Not only are we sisters with DGs our own age, but with DG alumnae of all ages.


Alpha Kappa

Washburn University

Delta Gamma

for hope. for strength. for life.

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